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adj causing disgust 使人反感的; 使人厌恶的; 讨厌的
* disgusting personal habits 令人厌恶的个人习惯
* disgusting language 不堪入耳的话. disgustingly adv
(a) in a disgusting way 使人反感地; 使人厌恶地.
(b) (joc 谑) extremely 极端地
*be disgustingly fit, well-read, successful 身体极棒、学富五车、极为成功.


v (-tt-) [Tn] hit (sth/sb) hard, esp with a flat object 猛击(某物[某人]); (尤指)重拍
* swat a fly 拍苍蝇
* She swatted him on the bottom with a rolled-up newspaper. 她用卷着的报纸打他的屁股.
n blow of this kind 猛击; 重拍
*Give that fly a swat. 拍那只苍蝇.
adj (idm 习语) a moot `point/`question matter about which there is uncertainty 悬而未决的事
* It’s a moot point whether men or women are better drivers. 男女司机孰优孰劣尚有争论.
v [Tn usu passive 通常用于被动语态] (fml 文) raise (a matter) for discussion; propose 提出(一事)供讨论
* The question was first mooted many years ago. 这个问题是许多年前就提出的.
moot point
【法】 练习辩论的要点, 未决要点
n (idm 习语) at this juncture (fml 文) at a particular, esp important, stage in a series of events 在此时刻; 在这一关头
*It is very difficult at this juncture to predict the company’s future. 此时很难预料公司的前景.


adj (-nner / 5WInE(r); `WInL/, -nnest / 5WInIst;`WInIst/)
1 having opposite surfaces relatively close together; of small diameter 薄的; 细的
* a thin sheet of metal 一张薄金属板
* That ice is too thin to stand on. 那冰很薄, 经不住踩.
* a thin wire 细的金属丝
* a thin layer of glue 薄薄的一层胶
* The rope was wearing thin in one place. 那条绳子上有一处磨细了.
* a thin cotton dress, ie one made out of thin material 薄棉布连衣裙.
2 not having much flesh; lean 肉少的; 瘦的
* He’s tall and rather thin. 他个子高而且很瘦.
* Her illness had left her looking pale and thin. 她病後显得苍白、清瘦. Cf 参看 fat1 2. =>Usage 见所附用法.
3 lacking density 稀薄的
* a thin mist, haze, etc 薄雾、霾等.
4 having units that are not closely packed together or numerous 稀疏的; 稀少的
* His hair’s/He’s getting rather thin on top, ie He is starting to go bald. 他渐渐歇顶了(他头顶的头发逐渐稀少).
* The population is thin in this part of the country. 该国的那一地区人口稀少.
* a thin audience 寥寥可数的观众.
5 (of a liquid or paste) lacking substance; watery (指液体或糊状物)稀薄的, 多水的
*thin soup, stew, gravy, etc 稀汤、稀汁炖肉、稀肉汁.
6 (fig 比喻) of poor quality or lacking some important ingredient; feeble 质量差的; 缺乏某些重要成分的; 弱的; 无力的
* thin humour 肤浅的幽默
* a thin (ie unconvincing) excuse 站不住脚的藉口
* a thin disguise, ie one that is easily seen through 易为人识破的伪装
* The critics found her latest novel rather thin. 书评家认为她最近写的那部小说没什么意思.
7 (idm 习语) be skating on thin ice => skate1. have a thin/thick skin => skin. have a thin `time (of it) (infml 口) be uncomfortable or disappointed 不舒服的; 不好受的; 失望的; 受挫的
* The team’s been having a thin time (of it) recently — not a single win in two months. 那个队近来日子不好过–两个月里一场都没赢. the thin end of the `wedge event,action, demand, etc that seems unimportant but is likely to lead to others that are much more important, serious, etc 可能引起重大、严重等结果的小事、小的行动、小的要求等
* Unions regard the government’s intention to ban overtime as the thin end of the wedge. 工会认为政府禁止加班的用意是老鼠拉木 , 大头在後边. (be) thin on the `ground not numerous; scarce 不多的; 少的. through thick and thin => thick. vanish, etc into thin `air disappear completely 完全消失. wear thin => wear2.

adv thinly 薄; 细; 瘦; 稀疏
* The bread is cut too thin. 那面包切得太薄了.

v (-nn-)
1 [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] ~ (sth) (out) (cause sth to) become less dense or fewer in number (使某事物)变得稀或少
* wait until the fog thins (out) 等到雾变薄些
* The traffic was thinning out. 来往车辆渐渐稀少了.
* War and disease had thinned the population. 战争和疾病已使人口减少.
* thin out seedlings, ie remove some to improve the growth of the rest 间苗.
2 (phr v) thin down become slimmer 变瘦; 变苗条
* He’s thinned down a lot since he went on a diet. 他自从节制饮食以来已经瘦了不少. thin sth down make sth thinner 使某物变薄、细、稀等
* thin down paint with white spirit 用石油溶剂稀释油漆.

* Compare thin, skinny,underweight, slim, etc. 试比较thin、skinny、underweight、slim等词的用法. When describing people whose weight is below normal, thin is the most general word. 指人的体重低于标准时, thin是最常用的词. It may be negative, suggesting weakness or lack of health 该词可含贬义, 指虚弱或不健康
* She’s gone terribly thin since her operation. 她动过手术以後瘦得很厉害. Bony is often applied to parts of the body such as hands or face. *bony一词常用来修饰人体的某部分, 如手或脸. Skinny and scrawny are negative and can suggest lack of strength *skinny和scrawny都是贬义词, 表示无力
* He looks much too skinny/scrawny to be a weight-lifter. 他瘦骨嶙峋

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