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 (All right class, who would like to give his book report first? Calvin, how about you? Calvin? Calvin? Spaceman Spiff cooly draws his death ray blaster …)『好,谁来大家讲讲自己的读书报告?』『卡尔文,你先来?』『卡尔文?』『卡尔文?』『宇航员斯皮夫冷静地掏出死亡射线枪……』   (2 + 7 = I cannot answer this question, as it is against my religious principles. It’s worth a shot.)『2 + 7 = ?』『这道题我答不了,因为它违背了我的信条』『不过可以试试』   (Hobbes, what […]

『劳动节,多蠢的节日』『雇个笨蛋,再炒掉他……』『就靠成天胡闹歌颂劳动』Garfield: Labor day, shmabor day. What a dumb day. Garfield: To hire some jerk, then send him away… Garfield: To celebrate work by playing all day. Jon: Hee-hee-hee Jon: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA 『神秘剧场到此结束……晚安』(咔嗒)(咔嗒)『别胡闹了,加菲!』Radio: And that’s all for mystery theater. …Good night. Jon: (click) Jon: (click) GARFIELD! CUT THAT OUT! 『今天晚上打算干嘛,莱曼?』『去碧尤看电影』『是关于一个小孩,他把钉子放老师椅子上,老师坐了上去』『剧情好像不咋样啊』『我也觉得,不过我喜欢男孩把女孩弄到手的电影』Jon: What’re you doing tonight, Lyman Lyman: I’m […]

『加菲,你得节食了,从现在开始』『加菲?』『我把他搞短路了?』 1. Jon: Garfield, as of this minute, I’m putting you on a diet2. Jon: Garfield?3. Jon: I think I snapped his mind 『来吧,伙计,减肥没什么不好,就是从腰上去掉几磅肉,能让你恢复苗条健康』『这就对了』『我都没敢说,他已经成了减肥中心十大通缉目标之一了』 1. Jon: Come on, old buddy. Going on a diet’s not all that bad. Why, a couple of pounds off the middle and you’ll be fit and trim again2. Jon: That’s […]

『嗨!瓦尔丽特,想借我的漫画书吗?』『帮你你买瓶汽水啊?要骑我的单车吗?』『不用了,谢谢』『要我怎么做才能让我才会注意我呢?』『做好你自己就足够了,查理布朗』『天啊,现在女孩子对男人的要求也太多了!』   『仔细听我说!』『好好记住!』『最好尊重我点儿』『我可是未来某人的妈妈』   『瞧,那是谁?』『“男人最好的伙伴”!』『“男人最好的伙伴”?』『女人哪儿错了?』   『觉得我漂亮吗?查理布朗』『嗯~啊!』『必须承认,这些年你越来越漂亮了……』『……如果眯着眼看的话……』『找乐子也是有风险的!』     『橡皮鸭!』『玩具船!』『橡皮鹅!』『天啊!男人就不能有点私人的洗澡空间吗?』  

(It says here that by the age of six … most children have seen a million murders on television. I find that very disturbing! It means I’ve been watching all the wrong channels.)『报纸上说年满六岁……』『……的大多数小孩都在电视上目睹了数以百万计的凶杀案件』『太不可思议了吧』『看来我大部分时候都没调对台』 (I’m not eating this green stuff. Yecchh! Good idea, Calvin. It’s a plate of toxic waste that will turn you into a […]

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