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(Calvin, pass this note to Jessica. It’s a secret note, so don’t read it. Calvin you stinkhead: I told you not to read this. Susie.)『卡尔文,把这纸条传给杰西卡』『要保密哦,不许偷看』“卡尔文你个臭坏蛋,说了不让偷看的 ——苏茜”   (That dirty Susie Derkins. She’ll be sorry if she tries to pass another note. Psst … Calvin! Pass this secret note to Jessica, okay? Teacher! Susie’s passing notes! […]

 『我恨星期一』 1. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ2. ZZZZZZZ3. SPLOOSH4. Garfield: I hate mondays 『你就不会绕着家具走吗?』 1.2.3. Jon: Ever thought of walking AROUND the furniture?   『唉唉……猫活一辈子也难免有一次放松警惕的时候』 1.2. Garfield: Oh well… I guess a cat is entitled to let down on his defenses once in his life3.    *哗哗*啪啪『怎么做都是白搭』 1. WATER WATER WATER2. PAT PAT PAT3. Jon: What’s the use?   […]

 『嘭!』*哒哒哒~『我讨厌星期一』 1. BOING!2. RRRR3. Garfield: I hate mondays   『该从宠物店给加菲买点什么呢?』『买根磨爪棒吧?』『好啊!这就给他买一根去』『太明智了,伙计』 1. Jon: I wonder if I should pick up anything for Garfield from the pet store   Lyman: How about a scratching post?2. Jon: Good idea. I’ll get him one3. Lyman: Bless you!   『惊喜!加菲』『天啊,是磨爪棒!』*啪*磨~磨~磨……『比客厅窗帘可差远了,不过可以给它7分!』 1. Jon: Surprise, Garfield!   Garfield: Oh boy, a scratching post2. Garfield: […]

『加菲,开饭啦!』『我讨厌周一』 1. FWIP!2. FLUFF FLUFF3. Jon: Garfield! Time to eat!4. Garfield: I hate mondays.   『我们的国家应该全面禁狗……』『他们又傻、又笨、又吵、又野……』『还把国家无数的消防栓搞生锈』 1. Garfield: All dogs should be banned from our country…2. Garfield: They are noisy, silly, sloppy, rude…3. Garfield: And they’re rusting our nation’s fire hydrants.   『哒嘀哒~』*啪『要不是我生性温柔,这狗早就生不如死了』 1. Garfield: Tum, dee-dum, dee-dum2. PUNT!3. Garfield: If it weren’t for my […]

 *啪~啪~『我讨厌星期一』 1. BAT BAT2.3. Garfield: I hate mondays.   『嗨,加菲,跟木偶Hondo打个招呼』『“嗨,加菲,你是只大肥猫!哈-哈-哈!”』 1. Jon: Hey, Garfield. Meet Hondo the puppet.2. Hondo: Hi, Garfield. You’re sure fat! Ha-ha-ha!   『我恨夏天』『热得受不了,车座粘乎乎,流行花粉热,草坪被烤焦……』『更别提没猫点心可吃了』 1. Garfield: I hate summer2. Garfield: The unbearable heat, sticky car seats, hay fever season and scorched lawns…3. Garfield: not to mention curdled kitty munchies   *呼呼~『啊!啊~』『噢~哇~唔……』 1. […]

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