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26 Feb 2009

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『嗯哼……咪,咪,咪~』 『喵~~~~~~』 *眨 眨 『闭嘴!你这大蠢猫!』 *嗖~ *嗖~ *砰! 『一边儿郁闷去吧,汤姆』 1. Garfield: Ahem… Mee, mee, mee 2. Garfield: MEEEYOWRRRRR 3. BLINK BLINK 4. Tom Seaver: SHADDUP, YOU STUPID CAT! 5. WING! 6. THOCK! 7. CHUNK! 8. Garfield: Tom Seaver, eat your heart out

『嘭!』 *哒哒哒~ 『我讨厌星期一』 1. BOING! 2. RRRR 3. Garfield: I hate mondays

『该从宠物店给加菲买点什么呢?』 『买根磨爪棒吧?』 『好啊!这就给他买一根去』 『太明智了,伙计』 1. Jon: I wonder if I should pick up anything for Garfield from the pet store  Lyman: How about a scratching post? 2. Jon: Good idea. I’ll get him one 3. Lyman: Bless you!

『惊喜!加菲』 『天啊,是磨爪棒!』 *啪 *磨~磨~磨…… 『比客厅窗帘可差远了,不过可以给它7分!』 1. Jon: Surprise, Garfield!  Garfield: Oh boy, a scratching post 2. Garfield: FWING! 3. SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH 4. Garfield: It wasn’t the living room drapes, but I’ll give it a seven

『啊~(哈欠)』 『今天早晨地上好像很冷的』 『还是不冒险的好』 1. Garfield: YAWN 2. Garfield: That floor sure looks cold this morning 3. Garfield: Better not risk it

『要是地面发凉,我就不下床』 『简直是冰凉!』 『正合我意』 1. Garfield: I’m not getting out of bed if the floor is cold 2. Garfield: It’s freezing! 3. Garfield: Good

*呼呼~ 『汪!』 『既然醒了……就起来吃个晚饭吧』 1. Garfield: ZZZZZ 2. Odie: BARK! 3. Garfield: Now that I’m up.. I might as well have breakfast

『早啊,加菲』 『今天咱们学习跟随』 *砰 啪 嘭 『我说,森玛,咱们的邻居变得越来越诡异了』 1. Jon: Good morning, Garfield 2. Jon: Today we’re going to learn to walk on a leash 3. 4. 5. KABONKA BONKA BONKA 6. ROWRR! 7. Old man: I tell you, Thelma, This neighborhood is getting weirder by the minute

『我恨星期一』 1. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 2. ZZZZZZZ 3. SPLOOSH 4. Garfield: I hate mondays

『你就不会绕着家具走吗?』 1. 2. 3. Jon: Ever thought of walking AROUND the furniture?

『唉唉……猫活一辈子也难免有一次放松警惕的时候』 1. 2. Garfield: Oh well… I guess a cat is entitled to let down on his defenses once in his life 3.

*哗哗 *啪啪 『怎么做都是白搭』 1. WATER WATER WATER 2. PAT PAT PAT 3. Jon: What’s the use?

『加菲,我从商店回来了』 『晚上野餐去吧,我买了牛排玉米还有……』 『你刚吃下去的煤球』 1. Jon: Garfield! I’m back from the store 2. Jon: We’re having a cookout tonight. I got steak and corn and … 3. Jon: And you just ate the briquettes

『当你寂寞的时候,猫还是很可爱的』 1. 2. 3. Jon: Cats are nice to have when you’re feeling lonely

*眨! 『这次又是我赢了』 7. BLINK! 8. Garfield: I win again

1. 2. 3. Jon: I think I’ll have Garfield declawed『真该把加菲的爪子剪秃了』

1. Jon: Garfield, I’m going to have you declawed『加菲,我打算给你把爪子剪剪』  2. Garfield: TAKE AN ARM! TAKE A LEG! BUT SPARE MY CLAWS!『卸胳膊也好,卸腿也好,就是别动我的爪子!』  3. Jon: You’re going to be declawed and that’s that. Now get your head out of the oven!『只是剪剪爪子罢了,别把头埋在烤箱里!』

1. Garfield: I couldn’t face life as a declawed person. So I’ll just stick my head in this oven and end it all『没爪子我是没法活了,就把头放进烤箱结束这一切吧』  2.『』  3. Garfield: Stupid electric stove『该死的电炉子!』

1. Garfield: Jon’s gonna have me declawed『老姜打算把我的爪子剪了』  2. Garfield: What a frightening thought…『这想法太可怕了……』  3. Garfield: Going through life unarmed『手无寸铁度过余生』

1. Jon: I took Garfield to the vet to be declawed『我带了加菲去兽医那剪爪子』  2. Jon: They’re removing his stitches next thursday『他们下周四给他拆线』  3. Lyman: Poor Garfield『可怜的加菲』    Jon: Who’s talking about Garfield?『加菲可不需要拆线』

1. Jon: I’m sorry I tried to have you declawed, Garfield『抱歉加菲,我差点就把你爪子给剪了』  2. Jon: I love you just the way you are, claws and all『我爱你,爱你的一切,也包括爪子』  3. Garfield: Someday, somehow, when you’re least expecting it, I’m going to shred your bedroom suite『要是有朝一日你再这么想,哪怕一小下,看我不把你睡衣撕成烂布条』

1. Jon: OHHH, GARFIEEELD!『喔喔~加菲!』  2. Jon: AHA!『啊哈!』  3. DUFF DUFF『咚咚』  4. Jon: GOT’CHA!『抓到啦!』  5.  6.  7.  8. Jon: GARFIELD! Come back here and take your vitamin pill!『加菲,给我回来!吃你的维他命!』

1. Garfield: Hello, what’s this?『咦,这是啥?』  2. Garfield: A teddy bear. A dumb, stupid, silly-looking old teddy bear『是泰迪,一只又哑又蠢又呆又旧的泰迪熊』  3. Garfield: I think I’ll call him "Pooky"『就叫他“布奇”吧』

1.『』  2.『』  3. Jon: I didn’t see that. I didn’t see that. I didn’t see that. I didn’t see that.『我没看见。我没看见。我没看见。我没看见。』

1.『』  2. Jon: GET AWAY FROM MY FOOD, BEAR!『走开,熊!』  3. Jon: I just yelled at a teddy bear『刚刚我居然在吼一只泰迪熊』

1. Jon: No, Garfield. I will not kiss your teddy bear good night『不,加菲,我可不想亲你的泰迪跟他说晚安』  2.『』  3. SMACK『波~』

1. Jon: Ahhh… Nothing like a hot bath after a chilly day『啊……没什么比上大冷天里泡个热水澡更爽的了』  2.『』  3. Jon: GARFIELD!『加菲!』    Garfield: Wanna warm up, Pooky?『你也来暖和暖和吧,布奇?』

1. Jon: Oh boy! My bachelor magazine『哦耶!是我的单身杂志』  2. Jon: I wonder who the centerfold is: Elke? Farrah?『插图女郎会是谁呢?厄立卡?还是法拉?』  3. Jon: Almira, the amazon?『丛林女杰阿米拉?』

1. Garfield: At halloween we cats become bewitched…『万圣节前夕猫会被诅咒……』  2. Garfield: Our eyes turn blood red…『眼睛变得血红……』  3. Garfield: Our fangs grow…『长出长长的獠牙……』  4. Garfield: And our hair stands up.『寒毛倒竖』  5.『』  6. AAYIEEE!『妈呀!』  7. Garfield: That’s right, doc. He screamed, turned white, and passed out.『是这样,大夫,他大叫一声,浑身惨白,就昏过去了』

1. Garfield: Ah, here comes the mailman『啊,是邮差』  2. Garfield: DRAT!『可恶!』  3.『』

1. Odie: BARK!『汪!』  2. Jon: ODIE! CUT THAT OUT!『不许叫,欧迪!』  3. Garfield: Stick with me, kid. We’ll go places『跟我干,绝对没错!』

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