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26 Feb 2009

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Garfield: (ah-ah-ah-AH)『啊-啊-啊-』  Garfield: (WAH-CHOO!)『阿嚏!』  Jon: Bless you『上帝保佑你』  Garfield: (sniff)

Jon: I thig Garfield gabe me a code (sniff)『一定是加菲把感炮团染给我了』  Lyman: He what?『加菲怎么着?』  Jon: He gabe me a code!『把感炮团染给我了』  Lyman: Pardon?『啥?』  Jon: GABE ME A CODE! GABE A CODE!『团染 感炮!团染 感炮!』

Garfield: (brrr!)『哆嗦~』  Jon: (yawn!)『啊~』  Jon: I know you’re in there somewhere Garfield!… Out!!!『别赖在睡衣里!加菲!出来!』  Garfield: Next time I’ll leave a wake-up call at the desk『下回再也不叫你起床了』

Lyman: Do you know your cat’s sitting on my meat loaf?『看见没?你的猫坐在我面包上了』  Jon: No, but if you hum a couple of bars I’ll fake it『没看见,给我唱两首歌我就看见了』  Lyman: This is going to be a long week『都什么人啊』

Jon: See you later, Garfield. I’m going to the grocery store『拜拜,加菲,我去杂货店买吃的』  Jon: Very well, you may come along『好吧好吧,一块去』

Jon: Now, behave yourself in the grocery store, Garfield『好,加菲,咱们到杂货店了,注意素质』  Jon: I think I just turned a bull loose in a China shop『彻底完蛋了』

Jon: That’s the last time I take you to the grocery store, Garfield『再也不带你去杂货店了,加菲』  Jon: I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life『这辈子都没这么丢人过』  Garfield: So I ate the pastry section, big deal『反正我吃饱了』

Garfield: Darn『切~』Garfield: That was too easy『也太没难度了』

Garfield: When Odie comes by I’m going to round off that pointy head of his『等欧迪过来,我就闪出来吓他一跳』Odie: (slurp!)『舔~』Garfield: How can you win against someone who doesn’t even know the rules of the game?『跟这种连游戏规则都不懂的人玩,打死我也赢不了啊』

Lyman: HERE, ODIE!『过来,欧迪』Jon: Isn’t it a little cold to take Odie for a walk?『这种天儿带欧迪出去,是不是冷了点儿?』Lyman: NONSENSE!『冷啥呀!』

『任务列表:1.洗车 2.除草』『3. 给加菲洗澡』

Jon: I’m going to brush all your loose hair out, Garfield『我帮你梳梳毛,加菲』Jon: I suspected as much『比我想象的还要多』

Jon: (sweep, sweep, sweep…)『扫,扫,扫……』Jon: Garfield, what am I supposed to do with all these cat hairs?!『该拿这些毛怎么办呢?加菲』Garfield: Make yourself another cat『可以再堆一只猫』Jon: I have the distinct feeling that I was just zinged『谁让我养猫来着?』

Jon: Good night, Garfield (smack!)『晚安,加菲(啪!)』Jon: (pooey!)『呸!』Lyman: Growing a beard?『留胡子了?』Jon: I ate a milk dud and kissed a cat『喝完牛奶亲了下猫』

Dear Garfield. Help! I have cat hairs all over my home. What can I do keep Fluffy from shedding?『亲爱的加菲,快帮帮我吧,家里哪哪都是猫毛,怎么做才能不掉毛呢?』Garfield: Simple『太简单了』Garfield: Give the little beggar a good coat of varnish『给小家伙身上刷上油漆不就得了』

Garfield: (scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch)『抓-抓-抓』Garfield: Uh-oh『啊-啊』Jon: Just look what you’ve done to my chair!『看你把沙发搞成啥样子了?』Jon: You should be more considerate of other people’s property『你就不能对家具爱惜着点?』Jon: Now I know it’s natural for cats to sharpen their claws『现在我知道了,猫爪是必须要磨的』Jon: Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and cats gotta claw. But do it outside, okay?『就像鱼要游泳,鸟要飞一样,猫必须得磨爪儿。可你就不能到外面去磨吗?』Jon: Garfield?『加菲?』Jon: GARFIELD『加-菲!』

Garfield: (zzzzzz)『呼呼』Garfield: (YAWN!)『啊~』Garfield: What a heck of a way to wake up『我居然先醒了,真失败~』

Jon: I know cats are fast, but that’s ridiculous『猫的确很敏捷,可这样也太反常了吧』

Lyman: JON! COME QUICK!『阿姜,快过来』Lyman: Look! Garfield is actually playing with Odie!『瞧,加菲在和欧迪玩呢』Jon: I know. It’s ’cause I sprayed Odie with something『看见啦,还不是因为我给欧迪喷了料?』Lyman: With what?『喷了料?』Jon: Essence of lasagna『喷上了意大利面汁』

Garfield: You know, maybe there’s more to life than just eating and sleeping… Maybe I should be more considerate of other people’s feelings, nicer to Odie are more generous『唉,或许这辈子除了吃和睡以外还该做些什么……或许该多考虑其他人的感受,对欧迪好一点』Garfield: Nah『再说吧』

Garfield: Scratching posts, balls of yarn and rubber mousies are okay『猫抓柱、毛线球、皮老鼠其实也还可以』Garfield: But when it comes really neat playthings…『不过要说真好玩的』Garfield: Give a Christmas tree!『还得说是圣诞树!』

Jon: What would you like for Christmas, Garfield?『想要什么圣诞礼物?加菲』Garfield: 100 slave dogs『100只狗服侍我』Jon: I’ll bet you’d like a nice, fluffy ball of yarn to play with『漂亮好玩的毛线球你肯定喜欢』Garfield: I think I’ll put a piranha in his Christmas stocking『我要在这家伙的圣诞袜子里放条鱼』

Santa: Ho-ho-ho『Ho-ho-ho』Santa: (whump!)『啪!』Santa: Let’s see, gifts for Jon, Lyman and Odie『瞧,给阿姜、莱曼和欧迪的礼物』Santa: Hmmm『嗯-』Santa: Oh yes, and Garfield『对了,还有加菲的』Santa: How could I ever forget, Garfield…『哪能把你忘了呢,加菲?』Santa: Only kid in the world to ask for 20 pounds of lasagna『全世界独一份要20磅意大利面的家伙』

Garfield: This is my very first Christmas『这是我过的第一个圣诞节』Garfield: I hope you have a loved one to spend today with because I do『希望你和我一样,能有心爱的人相伴度过这一天』Garfield: It’s you. Merry Christmas『我有你们。圣诞快乐~』

Jon: Okay, Garfield. Go fetch『去,加菲,把球捡回来』

Jon: Time to get up, Garfield『起床了,加菲!』Garfield: (zzzz)『呼呼』Garfield: (grrrrr)『(凶)』Jon: Now what do I do?『我咋办?』Garfield: (zzzz)『呼呼』

Garfield: (push)『(推)』Odie: (clonk!)『哐!』Garfield: I’m not known for my compassion『其实我挺疼人儿的』

Garfield: I love Fridays『星期五可真好』Garfield: The end of a long work week, the beginning of weekend filled with relaxation, TV sports and parted『忙了一星期,终于可以歇歇,看看比赛、开个派对,好好放松放松』Garfield: Almost makes me wish I had a job『我都想有份工作了』

Garfield: This year I resolve to be nicer to dogs『今年我要对欧迪好点儿』Garfield: Maybe I’ll cut down on lasagna instead『算了,还是少吃点面条吧』

Jon: It’s time to make a New Year’s resolution, Garfield『该制定新年计划了,加菲』Garfield: I resolve to lose weight and to start exercising this year『我打算减肥,今年开始运动!』Garfield: What am I saying?!『我说了什么?』Garfield: I must be going to waka-waka!『疯了吧我!』Garfield: I’m not going to diet!… I’m not going toe exercise!『才不减肥呢!……鬼才要运动!』Garfield: I’M FAT, AND I’M LAZY, AND I’M PROUD OF IT!『就这么胖了!就这么懒了!这是我的骄傲!』Jon: Where’s Garfield?『加菲呢?』Lyman: He ate the buffet and went to bed『吃光自助餐睡觉去了』

Jon: I own a cat『我有一只猫』Jon: And when you own a cat, eating a normal meal takes on a all-new perspective『如果你有一只猫,最普通的一顿饭也会大变样』Jon: Knowing that somewhere in there is a cat hair with your name on it『因为猫毛防不胜防』

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