Garfield 1979.02

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26 Feb 2009

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Jon: If you take one bite of my pie, Garfield, I’ll smack your fat little paws『要是你敢动半下我的馅饼,小心你的爪子』Garfield: If I can’t have it, neither can he『我吃不着,你也甭想吃!』

Jon: I’ll bet you can’t wait to see what kind of cat food you’re having for dinner『你肯定早就等不及想知道今晚吃什么了吧?』Garfield: I’ll bet I can『我还等得急』Jon: Here it comes『当当……』Garfield: You can cut the tension with a knife『那把刀撬开不是更直接?』Jon: LIVER!『瞧,猪肝!』Garfield: Oh, hooray, hop about, clap paws, squeal with glee『哦耶,万岁,好棒,果然不是什么好东西』

Jon: Now I wouldn’t say you’re fat, Garfield『现在我不想唠叨你肥胖的事,加菲』Jon: But when you sit around the sofa, you sit around the sofa『不过你往沙发上一坐,整个沙发都被你盖住了』Garfield: (kick!) Heads, he lives. Tails, he dies.『我看你还说不说』

Jon: Let’s see… iodine, band-aids, gauze, bullwhip, small strait-jacket, helmet, pan, shampoo, gloves, rinse, conditioner, blow dryer, brass knuckles, towel, rope, elbow pads…『看看还缺什么……碘酒、创可贴、纱布、头盔、平锅、香波、浴液、手套、染发剂、吹风机、毛巾、绳子,护指套、护肘……』Lyman: Garfield’s bath day?『给加菲洗澡?』Jon: Garfield’s bath day『没错』

Garfield: I think I’ll do some jogging『我得运动运动才行』Garfield: Okay… Go, feet!『好……出发,脚!』Garfield: Hmmm, reckon the little suckers just weren’t in the mood『嗯,脚趾头们好像都不在状态』

Jon: Garfield, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t read over my shoulder『加菲,最好别趴在我肩膀上看书』Jon: Read over my shoulder?『“趴在我肩膀上看书”?』

Jon: Stay away from my chicken leg, Garfield『加菲,离我的鸡腿远点!』Garfield: Aw, stuff it in your ear『最好藏在你耳朵里』Jon: WHAT WAS THAT?!『什么?』Jon: Oh『哦』

Jon: Gee… I wonder which shirt goes better with my slacks『该穿哪件衬衫配我这条裤子呢』Jon: Lyman, could you give me your opinion on something『莱曼,给我点意见吧』Lyman: Sure『没问题』Lyman: What can I do for you?『什么事?』Garfield: Beau Brummel lives『穿得有够瞧的』Jon: Forget it『哦,没事儿』

Jon: He’s trying to tell me to turn the heap up『它想让我把空调热风打开』

Jon: Guess what, Garfield? Somewhere on me is a kitty munchie for you『猜猜看,给你的好吃的藏在哪?』Jon: Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea『也许这不是什么好主意』Garfield: (munch, munch, munch)『(吧唧吧唧吧唧)』

Jon: (nab!)Jon: I’m going to give you a bath, Garfield『该洗澡喽,加菲』Garfield: You and what army?『就凭你?』Jon: Okay… I give up. You can go『好吧……我服了,走吧』Garfield: (sploosh)『(噗通)』

Garfield: I hate cold floors in the morning『早上冰凉的地板真讨厌』Garfield: Nobody likes cold floors『谁也不喜欢凉地板』Garfield: But we cats have to put twice as many feet on them『可我们猫要放两倍多的脚在地面』

Jon: Pets are great to have on cold night『寒冷的夜里,宠物是很好的伙伴』Jon: As long as you don’t mind…『只要你不介意……』Jon: The crowded conditions『跟他们挤着睡』

Odie: (bark! yip!) Garfield: (rowr! ffft!)『汪!喵!喵!』Jon: Garfield! Odie! Why don’t you boys go outside to fight『加菲!欧迪!你们干吗不出去打?』Jon: While I lie here and quietly bleed to death『我就这么躺着……静静的让血流干……』

Jon: Garfield! Get off the piano!『加菲,离钢琴远点』Garfield: Talk about stifling one’s creative talents『又一个创作天才被扼杀在摇篮里』

Garfield: There’s one nice thing about being a cat at the dinner table『猫在餐桌旁特别有地位』Garfield: Everything you touch is yours『它碰过什么什么就归它了』

Jon: What’s a six-letter word for “pain,” Garfield『六个字母组成的对应“pain”的单词是什么?』Garfield: (krock!)『(哐!)』Jon: Arrrgh!!!『啊啊啊!』Jon: Is that with three or four R’s?『“啊-”是几个“r”来着?』

Jon: (scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub) Garfield: (click) Jon: Garfield! Stop!『加菲,站住!』Jon: It’s below freezing out there『外面早就上冻了』

Garfield: You say you want me to eat this hamburger, Pooky?『你让我吃这个汉堡?』Garfield: And this chicken? And this lasagna?『还有这只鸡?还有意大利面?』Garfield: You gotta go a long way to find a teddy bear as good as old Pooky here『恐怕找不到和我的布奇一样好的泰迪熊了!』

Garfield: (smack!)『(啪!)』Jon: Hey you! Come back here and fight like a teddy bear!『嘿!你!回来,像泰迪熊一样战斗!』Jon: What am I saying?『我说了什么?』

Garfield: Be honest, Pooky. Do you think I’m getting a little pudgy around the middle『布奇,老实告诉我. 我肚子中间是不是有点发福?』Garfield: Not a lot of personality, but he certainly knows when to keep his mouth shut『虽然这样很没个性,但至少它知道什么时候该闭嘴』

Jon: A dancing bear?『熊还能跳舞?』Garfield: Nextime, I get to lead『下次我领舞』

Garfield: Let’s go for walk, little fella『伙计,咱们去散散步吧』Garfield: (smack!)『(嘭!)』Garfield: Well, I’ll be. Pooky doesn’t like dogs either.『看来布奇跟我一样,也不喜欢狗』

Jon: Okay, who knocked my fern off the windowsill?!『谁把我的羊厥草碰下窗台的?』Jon: His lying to me isn’t half so upsetting as the credit he’s giving my intelligence『它对我智力的怀疑比起它对我撒谎更令我不高兴』

Garfield: (kaboing, kaboing, kaboing) Garfield: (purrr) Garfield: (bat, bat) Garfield: (rowr! ffft!) Garfield: (scratch! scratch! scratch!) Garfield: That should hold you cat fans for a while『表演了半天,该歇会啦』

Mailman: Stand aside, cat. I know karate!『滚一边去,猫!我会空手道!』Garfield: And I know fast and furious『而我更快更猛!』

Garfield: Some days I’m just not in the mood to be adored『有时候我就是不喜欢别人对我好』

Jon: Would puddy tat wike a bowl of milk?『你为什么就不喜欢喝牛奶呢?』Garfield: Would funny wooking man wike a milk bath?『那你为什么就不喜欢洗牛奶浴呢?』Garfield: Never be condenscending to a cat『别总是用恩赐的态度对待猫』

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