Garfield 1979.03

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26 Feb 2009

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Jon: Garfield! Did you eat my chicken?『加菲!是不是你把鸡吃了?』Jon: No, of course not. If you had, there would be some bones left『不会,当然不是你,你不会笨到连骨头都没吐的』

Jon: Be careful around this clock, Garfield. It’s an old family heirloom『别碰这个老闹钟,它可是传家宝』Garfield: (crash!)『(啪!)』Garfield: One small push for cat, one giant leap for good taste『这对猫是一小推,对提升大众品味可是一大步(典出Armstrong登月时说的One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"这对个人是一小步,对人类是一大步")』

Jon: Where were you, Garfield? I called you an hour ago for dinner『你跑哪去了,加菲?一个小时以前我就叫你来吃晚饭了』Garfield: Uh-oh『啊-噢』Garfield: (klunk!)『(啪!)』Garfield: You’ve got to get to cat food before it sets up『猫粮得现做现吃才行』

Garfield: (tie, tie)『(系,系)』Garfield: (tie, tie, tie)『(系,系,系,系)』Garfield: (yank, yank)『(拽,拽)』Garfield: (leap!)『(跳!)』Garfield: Booga! Booga!『卟噶!卟噶!』Odie: (klonk!)『(哐)』Garfield: That was a lot of trouble but it was worth it『真够费劲的,不过也值了』

Garfield: (zzzz)『(呼呼)』Jon: (YAWN)『(啊~)』Garfield: (zzzzz)『(呼呼)』Jon: What a heck of a way to start the week『这周又是个糟糕的开头』

Garfield: The darn toaster isn’t working again. I guess I’ll have to fix it『破面包机又罢工了,我得修理修理』Garfield: (wham! wham! wham! wham! wham! wham!)『(呀!呀!呀!呀!呀!呀!)』Garfield: First, you have to get its attention『得先引起对方注意才行』

Jon: Breakfast is on, Garfield『吃早饭啦,加菲』Garfield: Carry me『抱我过去』Jon: Sometimes I think I cater to Garfield too much『有时候我太惯着加菲了』

Lyman: That’s called disco dancing, Garfield『这叫迪斯科,加菲』Garfield: Thank heavens『谢天谢地』Garfield: For a minute there I thought he had a live carp in his jockey short『我还以为他上衣里揣了条鲤鱼呢』

Garfield: Garfield, that steely-eyed cowcat, roams into town『加菲——行侠仗义的牛仔猫——来啦』Garfield: He mounts his faithful steed, Odie『他跨上了忠实的坐骑——欧迪』Garfield: All I need now i a sunset『现在就等日落了』

Jon: Just when you think you’ve seen your cat do it all…『猫总能让人出乎意料……』

Fly: (buzzzzz…)『(嗡~)』Garfield: (sploosh)『(噗通)』Garfield: (splutter, splutter)『(啪,啪)』Garfield: (flop!)『(咵!)』Garfield: (ptooey! ptoey! ptooey!)『(呸!呸!呸!)』Garfield: (wipe, wipe)『(扯!扯!)』Garfield: (CRASH)『啪!』Garfield: If I act casual, maybe he won’t notice『我装做若无其事,没准他就不会注意我』

Garfield: (swish!)『(嗖!)』Garfield: The mouth is quicker than the hand『看我的嘴快,还是你的手快』

Garfield: (knock! knock! knock!)『(敲!敲!敲!)』Garfield: Nobody home『家里没人』

Garfield: I suppose I should learn to like Odie『我应该试着喜欢欧迪』Garfield: But I just can’t respect anyone who turns around three times to lie down『可面对一个原地转三圈把自己放倒的家伙,我可怎么都喜欢不起来』

Garfield: Hmmm『嗯』Garfield: Just as I suspected. There’s a tiny sign in there saying, “space for rent”『和我想的一样,这家伙脑子里有个小告示牌,写着“此处荒置中”』

Odie: (bark! bark! bark!)『(汪!汪!汪!)』Garfield: That’s good enough『足够了!』Odie: (screee, poomp!) Garfield: (punt!) 『(嘭!)』Thanks for the exercise『谢谢你陪我锻炼』

Garfield: (pat, pat, pat, pat)『(啪,啪,啪,啪)』Garfield: You didn’t see that『什么都没发生』

Garfield: Hmmm, Jon’s drawing board. Hmmm, some paper. Hmmm, some ink『嗯,是姜的画板,还有墨水』Garfield: I think this world would be a nicer place in which to live: If countries could settle their differences without hurting anybody. If everyone smiled at even people they didn’t know『我想世界应该会更美好,如果国家之间能搁置分歧,友好相处;如果陌生人之间也可以微笑;』Garfield: If nobody had to steal. If people laughed more. If everyone fed their cats all the lasagna they could eat. If we all took more pride in our home as our neighborhoods『如果再没人需要偷盗;如果人们多一些欢笑;如果人们给猫喂好多好多意大利面条;如果我们为家庭和邻里多一些自豪;』Garfield: If we respected our senior citizens more. If there were no violence in movies and television. If everyone could read and write. If families talked more『如果我们更尊重我们的老人;如果影视剧里再没有暴力;如果每个人都能都会写;如果家人之间能多一些沟通;』Garfield: If friends hugged more. If everyone stopped at least one a week to stroke a cat. After all, we’re all in this together『如果朋友之间多些拥抱;如果每个人都多抽些时间爱抚猫咪。总之,所有所有的一切』Jon: Hey, Garfield『嗨,加菲』Jon: What’s this?『这是什么』Garfield: Oh, just some paw prints『哦,只是些爪印儿』

Jon: I’m going to teach you to do some tricks this week, Garfield『加菲,这周我要教你几个小把戏』Garfield: Over my dead body『除非等我死了』Jon: Sing for me, Garfield『唱首歌,加菲』Garfield: (mrowr!)『(喵!)』Jon: VERY GOOD!『很好!』Garfield: There was a bone in my tuna pate『鱼头里有根刺!』

Jon: Garfield, go fetch my pipe, paper and slippers『加菲,拿我的烟斗、报纸和拖鞋来』Garfield:Yes, Sir. Right away,sir……『遵命,马上就来……』Jon: Where is he?『哪去了』Jon: GARFIELD!『加菲!』Garfield: Okay, okay. As soon as I’m done with the financial section『好了,马上,等我看完财经版块』

Jon: Roll over, Garfield『打个滚,加菲i』Garfield: You gotta be kidding『想得美』Jon: If you roll over, I’ll give you a double helping of lasagna『打个滚,就有加倍的意大利面条吃』Garfield: (whirrrrrr!)

Jon: Speak, Garfield, speak『说话,加菲,你倒是说话啊』Lyman: Why, of course, Jon. Is there any particular topic on which you’d like to converse?『好吧,当然啦,姜,有什么好话题?』Jon: B-b-b-b-b『这,这……』

Jon: Sit up and beg for the kitty munchy, Garfield『站起来,行个礼,我就把这块猫点心给你』Garfield: Tell you what. You give me the munchy and I’ll let you keep your face『猫点心给我,可以保住你的脸!』Garfield: I knew we could arrive at a mutually acceptable compromise『我就知道我们最后能达成一致』

Jon: Dance for me, Garfield『给我挑个舞,加菲』Garfield: Not a chance『没门!』Jon: If you won’t, I’m sure Odie would be happy to『要是你不愿意,我想欧迪一定愿意跳』Jon: You have to know what motivates a cat『你得知道怎么调动猫的积极性才行』Garfield: This is demeaning『真丢人』

Garfield: (sigh)『(唉)』Garfield: No hum『天哪』Garfield: Ever had one of those days when you feel like you’ve slept and eat it all?『你有没有过这种感觉,所有的饭都吃够了,所有的觉都睡够了?』

Caped Avenger: Ah, it’s early morning for the Caped Avenger『哦,穿斗篷的复仇者早起了』Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger who searches out evil wherever it may lurk『哪里有邪恶,哪里就有穿斗篷的复仇者』Caped Avenger: The late-morning evil, that is『比方说,邪恶的起不来床』

Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger sees good『穿斗篷的复仇者发现了食物』Caped Avenger: In order to fight evil, the Caped Avenger need food for strength『为了对抗邪恶,穿斗篷的复仇者需要食物以补充体力』Caped Avenger: Lots and lots of strength!『很多很多的体力!』

Caped Avenger: Aha The Caped Avenger sees injustice『穿斗篷的复仇者发现了不公道!』Big cat: (bonk!)『(嘭!)』Caped Avenger: (boot!) Beat it, brute『揍这小子,布鲁特』

Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger sees a large evil person he must destroy in the name of good, because the Caped Avenger isn’t a chicken『穿斗篷的复仇者发现一个大坏蛋,以正义之名,他必须铲除他,穿斗篷的复仇者可不是个胆小鬼』Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger isn’t stupid, either『不过穿斗篷的复仇者也不是傻瓜』

Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger will now fly down and destroy the evil mailman『穿斗篷的复仇者准备飞身而下铲除邪恶的邮差』(splat!)『』Caped Avenger: I think the Caped Avenger is starting to believe his own press releases『跟邪恶作斗争难免会有牺牲』

Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger will now step outside to fight evil『穿斗篷的复仇者要出去跟邪恶作斗争了!』Caped Avenger: The Caped Avenger will now step inside and announce his retirement『穿斗篷的复仇者回来了,正式宣布退休!』

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