Calvin and Hobbes 1986.03(A)

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28 Feb 2009

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I think it’s time we had a new Dad around here. When does your term of office expire?『该选出新一届老爸了,你这一届什么时候到期?』 Sorry Calvin, I was appointed Dad for life.『抱歉,卡尔文,我是你的终身制老爸。』 For life?! What about a recall vote? What about impeachment?『终身的?不能重新投票吗?我反对!』 There are no provisions for either.『恐怕没什么用』 Did you write this constitution yourself or what?『这制度你自己定的?』 Well, your mom helped some too. 『喔,你妈也帮了不少忙』

Aachoo!『阿嚏!』 Gesundheit!『上帝保佑』 Okay! How many monsters are under my bed tonight?『咦,今天床底下有几只怪物?』 Just one.『一个』 That’s good Hobbes! We outnumber him!『太好了霍布斯!咱们人数占优』 Hee hee! Wanna get him?『嘿嘿,把这家伙抓住吧』 Yeah! See if you can reach the baseball bat! Heh heh!『好!首先把球棒拿来,嘿嘿』 Quit shoving you hogs!『别挤,你这肥猪!』 Mommmmm!『妈~妈~!』 Nice going Maurice.『干得好,莫里斯!』

You’re gonna taste asphalt fifth period Twinky. Just so you know.『第五节课让你尝尝沥青的滋味,你给我等着!』 Great. I’m dead.『死定了』 Fifth period – "Studies in contemporary state-sponsored terrorism."『第五节是——"当代大规模恐怖主义研究"』 Also known as gym class. 『又叫体育课』

I can’t get a baby sitter anywhere! What should we do?『哪也请不到保姆,怎么办?』 We won’t be gone long. Couldn’t Calvin be left for a couple of hours unsupervised?『咱们也去不了多久,卡尔文俩小时没人看应该也没问题吧?』 Ha ha ha ha! Ho ho ho hoo hoo har ha ho.『哈-哈-哈-哈-哈-』 Seriously what should we do?『……说正经的……咋办?』

Okay Calvin. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.『好了卡尔文,我们两小时以后回来』 You and Hobbes just watch TV and be good okay?『你和霍布斯在家好好看电视,行吗?』 Did you hear that? We get to watch TV!!『听见没?可以看电视!』 Horray!『万岁!』 Videorama? I’d like to rent a VCR and some movies!『音像店吗?我想租台录像机和几部电影』 Ask if they have "Attach of the Coed Cannibals."『有没有"食人女生"?』

Well, the house is still standing. Calvin must have gone to bed.『哦,房子好好的,卡尔文应该睡了吧』 His light is still on. Calvin? Are you awake?『房间灯还亮着……卡尔文?睡了吗?』 Eep!『哗!』 Did you watch a scary movie?!?『又在看恐怖片啦?!?』 No, don’t come in. the rug is rigged too.『没啊,别进来!这毯子也有机关的』

Whap!『砰!』 Smash. Tinkle. Ding. Shatter. Clink.『啪——叮-噼-哐!』 Wow. First try!『哇,我的处女作!』

Downtown tokyo!『在东京街头……』 Aarrghhgh!『冲啊——』 Godzilla.『我是哥斯拉』

How can I get some money?『到哪弄点钱呢?』 Short of earning it, I mean.『……还得要短平快……』 I want a gernade launcher mom. When’s Christmas?『妈,我想要个榴弹发射器,啥时候圣诞节啊?』 Not for a long time.『很快就到了』 When’s my birthday?『我生日呢?』 Not for a long time.『也快了』 When’s my allowance?『啥时候给零用钱?』 You spent it already.『你都已经花光了』 Do I have any stocks I can cash? War bonds??『我有可以兑现的股票吗?战争债券呢?』 Calvin, I’m trying to work!『卡尔文,我在工作呢!』 Can I borrow some soap?『能借点肥皂吗?』 Yes, you can borrow some soap. Have all the soap you want. 『行,借吧,肥皂都归你了……』

Boy, is it cold!『天哪,外面真冷!』 You should get a good fur coat like mine.『你应该像我一样,穿戴一身毛皮』 Woof! What did you eat for breakfast? Cement?『喂!你早饭吃的什么?水泥吗?』 Look, was this my idea?『嘿,这可不是我的主意!』

Oh no, I lost my quarter!『糟糕,我的硬币丢了!』 Where did you lose it?『丢哪儿了?』 It’s somewhere in this field.『就在这一带』 We’ll never find it. You’ll have to wait till the snow melts.『这么找肯定找不到,只能等雪化了』 Till the snow melts? It’s 25 cents!! 『等雪化?那可是25美分呢!』zzzzzzz『呼呼呼呼呼』

Wanna see something weird?『想不想看看超自然现象?』 Watch. You put bread in this slot and push down this lever …『瞧,把面包放到这个槽里,按动这根杆……』 then in a few minutes toast pops up!『几分钟后,土司砰的就弹出来了』 Wow. Where does the bread go?『哇,面包哪去了?』 Beats me. Isn’t that weird?『不知道,要不怎么叫超自然现象呢!』

How are you today?『今天好吗?』 Fine.『不错啊』 I want the top of my head shaved, and the sides dyed pink and cut in horizontal stripes, ok?『我想把头顶的头发剃掉,周围焗成粉色,再修出平行的条纹,行吗?』 Ma’am?『夫人?』 Give him the usual, Pete.『就照他平时的样子剪,皮特』 Well I guess this guy knows which side his bread is buttered on!『至少他知道谁最后付账』

There, how’s that look?『看起来怎么样?』 That’s great. Perfect.『太棒了!很好!』 Without question, this is the finest haircut I have ever received.『绝对是我剪过的最佳发型!』 Never criticize a guy with a razor …『永远不要批评手拿凶器的家伙』

Too bad the world will be ending soon.『真糟糕,世界就要毁灭啦』 Beg your pardon?『不会吧』 Halley’s comet. Comets are harbingers of doom.『是哈雷彗星,彗星是灾难的先兆』 No they aren’t. that’s just superstition.『才不是呢,那都是迷信』 Really??『真的?』 Guess I’d better write that book report.『看来我还是得写那篇该死的读书报告!』

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