Garfield 1979.05(A)

In: Garfield

28 Feb 2009

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Garfield: (gasp! choke!)『(不好!噎住了!)』Garfield: (brack! cough! hack!)『(咳,咳!)』Garfield: (flop!)『(噗!)』Jon: Can the melodramatics, Garfield, and finish your liver『别装了,加菲,赶紧把猪肝吃了』

Garfield: Burp!『(嗝儿!)』Jon: That was rude and crude, Garfield. Cats are more sophisticated than to submit belching at the dinner table『这可不礼貌,加菲,猫不应该在餐桌上做打嗝这种糗事』Garfield: BRAACK!『(大嗝儿!)』

Jon: Tell me what you think of my new poem, Garfield『觉得我新写的诗怎么样,加菲?』Jon: “MY BUDDY” / I have a buddy. / My buddy’s a toad. / He’s kind of muddy, he’s flat on the road. / But, he is my buddy, my buddy to stay. ‘Til he’s peeled up / and sailed away『我的好朋友/我有一个好朋友/虽然是只大蛤蟆/整天躺在大路上/浑身都是泥/可他还是我朋友/永远都会是/直到他被掀个个儿/游到遥远的地方』Jon: Garfield?『加菲?』

Garfield: Uh-oh, here comes Jon『糟了,姜来了!』

Garfield: Are you hungry, Odie?『欧迪,饿了吧?』Garfield: Here, have some celery and tomatoes and radishes『好,再来点芹菜、番茄,还有胡萝卜』Jon: GARFIELD!『加菲!』

Garfield: (purrrr) Garfield: (PURRR) Garfield: (tappity, tappity, tappity, tappity, tappity, tappity) Garfield: (scratch! scratch! scratch! scratch!) Garfield: Good morning, sunshine. Welcome to another glorious, fun-filled day with your favorite pet!『早啊,阳光明媚的一天!美丽、充满欢乐的新的一天!和你最爱的宠物在一起』Jon: I’m so happy to own a cat. I could just throw up『有只猫可真好,我也只能投降了』

Jon: Hey, Lyman. Where’s my bread knife?『嗨!莱曼,面包刀在哪?』Garfield: (slash!)『(刷!)』Jon: Never mind『不用了』

Garfield: This is too good to be true『简直简单得难以置信』Garfield: That was too good to be true『确实简单得没法相信』

Garfield: (gobble! gobble!)『(吞!吞!)』Garfield: With all respect to Will Rogers『威尔·罗杰斯的名言说的真好——』Garfield: I never met a lasagna I didn’t like『只要是意大利面条我都爱吃(Will Rogers: I never met a man I didn’t like)』

Garfield: (crash!)『(哐!)』Garfield: Uh-oh! Here comes Jon『糟了,姜来了』

Jon: Hello, Julie? How about a movie tonight? Oh, I see. Okay, goodbye『喂,朱莉?晚上一起看电影吧?哦,好吧,拜拜』Jon: Darn, she said she was just walking out the door to visit her brother in Tokyo (click)『唉,他说正要去东京看她哥哥(咔)』Jon: That’s what  I call bad timing『约得真不是时候』Garfield: That’s called getting shot out of the saddle, you turkey『天也不时,地也不利,关键还是人不和』

Jon: Garfield, you’re getting too fat『加菲,你也越来越肥了』Garfield: I am not getting too fat『还不算太肥吧』Garfield: I’m just ready for then next size kitty bed, that’s all『除了床小点儿,没别的』

Jon: Eat up ol’ buddy『吃吧,伙计』Garfield: Hmmmm『嗯……』『(原料列表)』Garfield: YOU WON’T GET RID OF THAT EASILY!『想害死我?没那么容易!』Garfield: Now what did I do?『我该怎么办?』

Garfield: Boy, what a great meal『哦,多丰盛的一顿大餐啊』Garfield: Uh-oh!『喔~噢』

Garfield: It was bound to happen. My stomach finally outgrew my legs『早知道会这样,这下肚子比腿还突出了』Garfield: Worse things could happen, I guess『这好像还不是最糟的』Garfield: Like this, for instance『比如说,像这样』

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