Garfield 1979.05(B)

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1 Mar 2009

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Jon: Well, you’ve finally done it, Garfield. Your belly’s bigger than your legs. Now what are you going to do?『加菲,这下你的肚子终于比腿还突出了,怎么办?』Garfield: I’ll show you what I’m going to do『走着瞧好了』Garfield: If you’ll just roll me over to that lasagna there『先把我推到意大利面条旁边』

Jon: You’re going to have to exercise that belly off, Garfield『你必须加强锻炼把肚子减掉,加菲』Jon: Tell you what. I’ll get a leash and take you for a brisk morning drag『我打算弄根带子每天早晨拴着你出去遛一圈』Garfield: If he had a brain, I’d say he was trying to make a funny『要是这家伙有脑子的话,我敢说他一定在酝酿一个大玩笑』

Garfield: (boing, boing, bo…)『(嘣,嘣,嘣……)』

Garfield: At last! My feet can touch the floor once more『脚又能着地啦』Garfield: Never again will I allow myself to get that fat『这辈子再不能让自己变那么胖了』Garfield: And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you『你要是相信了,说明咱俩还不熟(英文中有句嘲讽的话就是I have a bridge to sell you——我有座桥可以卖給你,揶揄地表示对方是个搞不清楚状况、容易受骗的冤大头)』

Garfield: RIDE’EM, COWCAT『驾!冲啊!』Odie: (bonk!)『(砰!)』Lyman: Oh, no! Odie’s hurt his leg! What’ll I do?『不好,欧迪的脚受伤了!怎么办?』Garfield: Shoot him『把他干掉』

Jon: I think it’s time we take Garfield and Odie out for something to do『咱们应该带欧迪和加菲出去转转』Lyman: Why do you say that?『为什么?』Jon: They’re taking turn on the record player again『电唱机就要完蛋了』

Garfield: Cats can be very curious『猫有时很好奇』Garfield: (splooch!)『(噗!)』Garfield: Cats can also be very stupid『猫有时很蠢』

Garfield: Did I ever tell you about my uncle Harry? He was a famous mouser at a glass plant in Gas City, Indiana『有没有跟你提到过哈利叔叔?他可是印州玻璃厂的捕鼠能手』Garfield: Legend has it that uncle Harry chased a mouse right into tank #2『传说他有一次追老鼠追进了二号水库』Garfield: Now he’s a paperweight in Bayonne, New Jersey『他现在是新泽西的一块镇纸石』

Garfield: (grab!)『(噌!)』Garfield: (bonk!)『(砰!)』Jon: Smooth move ol’ buddy『动作漂亮,伙计!』Garfield: Have you no respect for the dead?『对遇难者起码的尊重都没有』

Jon: Hello, Carolyn? Hey, how about taking in a movie tonight? Uh… oh sure, I understand『喂,卡罗琳?晚上去看电影吧?哦……好吧,知道了』Jon: She said she would love to have gone out with me tonight (click)『(咔)她说本来很愿意跟我去看电影』Jon: But she had to stay home and pluck her eyebrows『可她必须要呆在家里拔眉毛』Garfield: Subtle『牵强的借口』

Jon: The darn lawn mower won’t work『该死的割草机,又坏了』Garfield: Let me try『我试试』(brrr!)『塔塔塔……』Garfield: If I could package that look, I’d make a million『要靠这手艺谋生,我早就发财了』

(ding-dong)『(叮咚)』Jon: (tug, tug)『(嗒-嗒)』Jon: Good evening, Felicia, my dear. Dinner awaits『晚上好,亲爱的弗雷西亚,晚饭已经准备好了』Jon: A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou…『有面包、红酒,还有(嘿嘿)……』Felicia: Oh, brother『嗨,朋友』Felicia: (WAHCHOO!)『(阿嚏!)』Felicia: (sniff!) I’m allergic to cats! Either he goes or I go『我对猫过敏,要么它走,要么我走!』Felicia: (poomp!)『(砰!)』Jon: Gee, and she was cute, too『唉,其实她挺可爱的』Garfield: Salud『干杯!』

(bring!)『(叮铃铃~)』Garfield: Oh, goody. It’s Monday morning『啊,周一的早晨!』Garfield: I love Monday mornings. You know why?『我喜欢周一的早晨,知道为什么吗?』Garfield: Because I don’t have to go to work『因为我不用上班』

Garfield: Ah, six A.M. Time to rise and shine『啊,六点啦,该起床了』Garfield: First, a light breakfast of juice and toast, then some jogging『先用点早餐,来点汤,再来点面包,然后再去慢跑』Garfield: HA-HA-HA! That was a good one『哈-哈-哈!这计划真不赖』

Garfield: (Z)『(呼呼)』Garfield: (z, smack, smack)『(呼)吧唧吧唧』Garfield: Oh my gosh! I slept through today’s strip!『天啊,我睡了一整天!』

Garfield: There’s only on drawback to spending a week in bed…『一星期都躺在床上只有一点不好……』Garfield: (sniff!)『(嗅嗅)』Garfield: This blanket is starting to develop a personality all its own『毛毯会变味』

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