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5 Mar 2009

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Ready?『准备好了没?』 Let me check what the deductible is on my insurance policy …『我得看看保单里哪些部分是免赔的……』 Munch munch.『吧嗒吧嗒』 Would you care for a soft drink?『来点饮料?』 Ok.『好哩』 H-H-here y-you a-a-are!『给-给-给-你-你-』 Any desert?『要甜点吗?』 No, thanks.『不,谢谢』 We’ll be landing shortly.『马上就要着陆了』 The captain has turned off the seat belt sign. Thank you for choosing Calvin’s flight 240 non-stop to Stoney Gulch.『机长松开了安全带,感谢乘坐直达斯特尼峡谷的开尔文240号航班』 Next time I won’t take the dinner flight.『下次我可不想吃航班上提供的晚餐了』

Do you love me dad?『你爱我吗,老爸?』 Of course I do Calvin.『当然了,开尔文』 Would you still love me if I did something bad?『如果我做错事你一样会爱我对吗?』 Well of course…I…would.『嗯……我会……吧……』 I mean something really really …『很错很错的错事呢……』 Calvin, what did you do?!『开尔文,你小子究竟干嘛了!』

Well Dad, your polls are real high this week.『嗨,老爸,你这星期的支持率够高的啊』 I’m glad to hear that.『太好了』 Yep, those polled think you are doing a fine job as a Dad.『嗯,选民认为你是个不错的老爸』 In fact, with a little push today, your political stock could reach a record high.『由于今天的继续上升,你的声望达到了空前的高度』 Nice try. Go help your Mom with the dishes.『干的不错,帮妈妈洗完去吧』 Ooh Dad! Suicide! Ooh! Ooh!『喔-喔-你这是自毁前程-喔!-喔!』

Here comes Moe, the class bully.『是摩尔,小霸王一个』 He’s not smart but he’s streetwise.『他不聪明,却能纵横街头』 That means he knows what street he lives on. 『我是说,他知道自己住哪个街头』

Toll booth Dad! You can’t put the car in until you pay me a quarter!『停车缴费,老爸,付我25美分就让你进去』 Why should I pay you to put my car in my garage?『我进自己的车库干嘛还交钱?』 Because if you don’t I’ll pull the door down on the hood as you drive in!『因为如果不交钱,你开进来的时候我就把大门放下砸你引擎盖』 What a cheapskate.『铁公鸡!』

A little lower … ok, fine!『再低一点……好啦!』 Thanks for helping me put up this swing.『谢谢你帮我把秋千挂起来』 Where did you ever find this great tire?『这么棒的轮胎哪找的?』 Calvin! I’ve got to go to work!!『开尔文,我该上班了!』

What’s that cereal you’re eating?『你吃的啥粥?』 It’s my new favorite, "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs."『是现在我最爱吃的“巧克力麦片”』 Have a taste.『尝尝吧』 Thank you.『谢谢』 Mffpbth!! S-sw-sw sweet!!『啊-咳-太甜了!』 Actually they’re kinda bland till you scoop sugar on ’em.『这东西不放糖就没味道了』

How come we play war and not peace?『咱们为什么不玩和平游戏非要玩打仗游戏?』 Too few role models.『因为可效仿的例子太少(role model:偶像, 模仿的例子, 效法的模式)』 I’ll be the fearless American defender of liberty and democracy …『我扮演美国民主自由勇敢的捍卫者』 and you can be the loathsome godless communist oppressor.『……而你是反自由民主的暴君』 We’re at war, so if you get hit with a  dart, you’re dead and the other side wins, ok?『现在开战,要是你被标枪射中的话,你就死了,我就赢了』 Gotcha.『明白』 Go! Wap Wap『开始!(砰!砰!)』 Kind of a stupid game, isn’t it?『这游戏够无聊的,对吧』

Can I be excused?『可以不吃吗?』 Not until you finish your salmon.『不行,吃完你的鲑鱼!』 Blaughhh! Can I eat it upstairs while I do my homework?『我能拿到楼上边做作业边吃吗?』 Well, I suppose.『好吧』 I brought you your favorite! How’s it coming?『我带来了你最爱吃的东西!作业做得怎么样了?』 Well, I couldn’t figure out this subtraction problem, so I put "Atlanta, Georgia" …『嗯……这道减法题我不会,所以我填上了“亚特兰大”、“佐治亚”……』

Hey, Susie, wanna see a magic trick?『嗨!苏茜,给你表演个神奇小魔术吧?』 First, I’ll need a ordinary quarter …『首先,需要一枚普通的硬币』 Now I’ll disappear!『现在我要消失啦』 Ha ha ha!『哈哈哈!』 Hey! Didn’t I say it was a trick??『嘿!不是说要变魔术吗!』

Look! A decoder ring!『瞧!是密码环!』 Wow! We can send each other secret messages in code!『哇,这下咱们能用密码交流信息了!』 Ha ha! Now Mom and Dad won’t be able to understand us at all!『哈哈!这下老爸老妈根本听不懂我们的话了』 … not that they do anyway …『……他们一向都不懂……』

Rise and shine Calvin!『起床啦,开尔文!』 Mfgpbthbbpt『呼呼呼』 The early bird gets the worm!『早起的鸟儿有虫吃!』 Big incentive.『少来这一套』

I’ve decided we should be "cooler" than we are.『我觉得咱们应该变得更“酷”一些』 We’re not cool?『我们现在不酷吗?』 Sure we’re cool. But we’re not as cool as we could be.『酷啊,不过还不够』 Cool people wear dark glasses!『酷人都戴黑墨镜』 It’s cool to bump into things?『撞得头破血流也算酷?』 You don’t move, just hang around. 『站在原地,别动』

Hey Dad, will you buy me a flame thrower?『嗨,老爸,能给我买个火焰喷射器吗?』 Of course not. Don’t be silly.『当然不行,别傻了』 Even if I didn’t use it in the house?『不在家使也不行吗?』

Did you ask your Mom if you could jump off the roof?『你从房顶往下跳,老妈能同意吗?』 Questions I know the answers to I don’t need to ask right?『明知道答案,还问啥啊?』 Is this blanket big enough?『这块毯子够大吗?』 Perfect!『足够了!』 See, I’ll just grab all the corners and make a parachute!『把它的四角攥住,降落伞就做成了!』 You can watch as I float to the ground, gently as a leaf.『你会看到我是如何飘落到地面,就像叶子一样』 Geronimo!!『嗖!!』 Crunch!『啪!』 His Mom’s going to have a fit about those rose bushes. 『老妈看到那丛玫瑰肯定要大发雷霆了』

I told you I’m not sick! What’s that? Will it hurt?『我说过我没病!那是什么?会很疼吗?』 It’s a tongue depressor. It won’t hurt at all.『只是压舌板,一点都不疼』 What’s that? Will it hurt?『那是什么?会很疼吗?』 It’s a stethoscope. It won’t hurt at all.『是听诊器,一点不疼』 What’s that? Will it hurt?『那是什么?会很疼吗?』 It’s a cattle prod. It hurts a little less than a branding iron.『是电棒,不像烙铁那么疼』 Little kids have no sense of humor.『小孩子就是没有幽默感』

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