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6 Mar 2009

15. Djunga – music only

Live!: David Arkenstone, Nicholas Gunn, Johannes Linstead, Loren Gold

  • Album: Nicholas Gunn & Friends – Live! (2008)
  • Artists: David Arkenstone , Nicholas Gunn , Johannes Linstead, Loren Gold
  • Original Release Date: June 10, 2008
  • Label: Gemini Sun Records

Incredible musicianship and an honest no frills approach to a great on-stage performance. I learned so much about these talented instrumental artists! –Chris Wachowiak

Product Description
Legendary instrumental artists David Arkenstone, Nicholas Gunn, Johannes Linstead, and Loren Gold invite you to join them in this very intimate live setting featuring brilliant musicianship and candid interviews. Hosted by Nicholas Gunn of Gemini Sun Records, this two disc CD and DVD set portrays each artist in a open light as they play from their hearts, talk about musical expression, and convey what each piece of music means to them! With fifteen beautiful tracks over seventy three minutes of continuous play, this memorable musical journey is a glimpse into the artistic lives of these four innovative musicians.

i Sun Records最新发行的一张现场音乐会专辑,集合了该公司目前的最强阵容,包括有David Arkenstone, Nicholas Gunn, Johannes Linstead, Loren Gold等四位著名的新世纪音乐人。

Track Listings
1. Desert Crossing – music only
2. Falling – music only
3. For my Baby – music only
4. Sunnyside – music only
5. Earth Bones – music only
6. Elves’ Chasm – music only
7. Apasionado Uno – music only
8. Breathe – music only
9. New Day – music only
10. Dance in the Desert – music only
11. Gypsy Camp – music only
12. Spanish Town – music only
13. Ambrosia – music only
14. Streets of Old San Juan – music only
15. Djunga – music only


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