Garfield 1979.06(B)

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7 Mar 2009

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Jon: Come on, Garfield. Let’s go camping『走,加菲,野营去』Garfield: Not on your life『下辈子吧』Jon: Gee, and I’d packed lots of lasagna, too『来吧,我还带了不少意大利面条呢』Garfield: Since you put it that way, I reckon there’s a trail or two out there that could stand a little blazing『这样啊,我猜外面应该也没那么糟的』

Jon: Well, here we are in the great outdoors, Garfield『嗯,终于出门了』Jon: Ah, wilderness『啊,大自然,多棒啊!』Jon: Just us, the sky, and the trees『瞧,我们周围,只有蓝天和大树』Garfield: Where’s the TV?『哪能看电视?』

Jon: Well, Garfield『嗯,加菲』Jon: What do you think of camping so far?『到离家这么远的地方来露营,感觉怎么样?』Garfield: I don’t know『不知道』Garfield: I’ve never been this far from the sandbox before『从来没离自己的床这么远过』

Jon: Why the long face, Garfield?『干嘛耷拉个脸,加菲?』Jon: Look who I brought『瞧我带了谁来?』Garfield: Pooky!『布奇?』Garfield: Camping is more fun with a good friend『有好朋友在,野营有意思多了』

Garfield: What’s that?『是什么?』Garfield: Must be a porcupine『肯定是只豪猪』

Jon: Garfield! You’re covered with porcupine quills!『加菲,怎么一身的豪猪刺?』Jon: That must be very painful『够疼的吧』Garfield: I can handle it『没事儿』Garfield: ARRRRRGH!『啊啊啊啊~!』

Jon: (screw, screw, screw)『(咔咔咔)』Jon: Look, Garfield! I mad a kitty door for you『瞧,加菲,给你做了扇小门儿』Garfield: (swing)『(唰)』Garfield: (smack!)『(啪)』Garfield: (SMASH!)『(啪)』Garfield: A clear-cut case of self-defense if I ever saw one『这可是绝对的正当防卫!』

Jon: What would you like for your birthday, Garfield?『过生日想要什么礼物,加菲?』Garfield: Another scratching post『再来一根磨爪棒』Jon: How about a nice rubber mousie?『一只漂亮的橡皮老鼠怎么样?』Jon: Or maybe another scratching post『或者再来一根磨爪棒?』Garfield: How’d you guess?『怎么猜得这么准?』

Jon: Happy first birthday, Garfield! Make a wish and blow out the candle『生日快乐,加菲!许个愿,吹蜡烛吧』Garfield: (FOOF!)『(噗!)』Jon: Oh gee. That’s too bad『哦——真糟糕』Garfield: Not really. I got my wish『还好啊——至少我许的愿实现了』

Jon: Have a sausage『吃香肠吗』Jon: One at a time, Garfield, one at a time『一次一根,一根,好吧』

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March 10th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

I am very happy …
If I can fly …
I will leave my family …



March 10th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

Wish you happiness everyday!

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