Calvin and Hobbes 1986.04(A)

In: Calvin and Hobbes

8 Mar 2009

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Hey Doc, why are you rubbing my arm with cotton? Are you going to put a leech there?『嗨,大夫,干嘛用棉球蹭我胳膊?要放水蛭上去?』 Are you going to bleed me? You’re not going to amputate, are you? Are you??『给我放血?给我截肢?是不是?』 What’s that? Is that a shot? Are you going to … Aaughh! It went clear through my arm!! Ow ow ow ow!!!『这又是啥?手枪吗?你想……啊——我的胳膊被打穿啦!呜呜呜呜——』 I’m dying! I hope you’ve paid your malpractice insurance, you quack!! Where’s my mom??!『我就要死了!你要对医疗事故负全责!你这个庸医!妈~~~』

Safari Al hacks his way through the jungle!『探险者在丛林开辟出一条道路』 Suddenly, a giant gorilla rips through the foliage!『突然,一只巨大的黑猩猩突然从树丛后面跳出来!』 Clean your room.『快清理房间!』 What?『什么?』 You heard me. It’s a jungle in here!『唉,这儿乱得像个原始森林』

Seen any UFOs yet?『发现UFO了吗?』 Nope.『没有』 Keep watching the moon. Aliens usually try to sneak up from behind it.『盯着月亮别动,外星人经常偷偷打月亮后面闪出来』 What are you doing out here in your pajamas? Get back in bed!!『穿得这么少不睡觉在外面干嘛!赶紧睡觉!』 Mothers on the other hand, sneak up from behind the Pachysandra patch.『……老妈们经常偷偷打树丛后面闪出来』

I don’t think I’ll go to school today.『今天我不想上学』 I think you will.『必须去』 I think I won’t.『才不』 Rats.『郁闷』

Good night, Hobbes.『晚安,霍布斯』 Good night.『晚安』 Do you believe in ghosts? 『你相信鬼吗?』

What do you have for lunch Susie? Maybe I’ll trade you.『午餐吃什么,苏茜?没准咱俩能换一下』 Ugh! A cross section of a dachshund. No, thanks.『噎!是猎狗肉,我不想换了』 It’s bologna!『是腊肠!』 I wonder what I have for lunch today.『我今天的午餐是什么呢?』 Its lunch time! Ha ha ha! I think I’ll have this little kid!!『午餐时间到啦!哈哈哈!我要把这小孩儿吃了!』 Help! I’m being eaten alive by my own lunch! Somebody get me a fork!『救命!我就要被自己的午餐给活活吃啦!快给我把叉子!』 He’s got me!! Aaarrrgghh!『他吃掉我啦!!啊——』 Wham wham wham!『砰!砰!砰!』 Ha! I killed it with my thermos! See? It’s bleeding jelly!『哈!被我用热水瓶干掉了!血浆都流出来了!』 No wonder this seat wasn’t taken.『怪不得这位子没人坐』

Somewhere in communist Russia I’ll bet there’s a little boy who has never known anything but censorship and oppression.『我敢打赌,有的国家的小朋友除了审查、压制啥都不知道』 But maybe he’s heard about America, and he dreams of living in this land of freedom and opportunity!『不过也许他听说过我们的国家,并且梦想着有一天能生活在这片充满自由和机会的土地上』 Someday, I’d like to meet that little boy …『如果有一天,我能碰到这些小朋友……』 and tell him the awful truth about this place!!『我要告诉他们这片土地上可怕的真相!』 Calvin, be quiet and eat the stupid lima beans.『闭嘴,卡尔文,把你可恶的青豆吃了!』

Whenever I take my bath …『不管在哪洗澡……』 I always put my ducky in first.『我总是先把我的鸭子放进去』 For companionship?『做伴儿?』 To test for sharks.『先看看有没有鲨鱼』

My secret ancient treasure map says to dig here!『我这张神秘的古代藏宝图说就在这儿挖』 Look! A wallet full of money! Right where you said!『瞧!装满钱的皮夹!就在你说的地方!』 It’s Dad’s. I buried it here last week.『是老爸的,上周我刚埋这儿的』

Spaceman Spiff, bold interplanetary explorer, spies on a Zarg!『宇航员斯皮夫,勇敢的太空探险家,发现了一只佐格怪兽!』 Spiff calibrates his blaster. Ready … aim …『他拔出激光枪,端稳……瞄准……』 Calvin, if you shoot that paper clip at me, I’ll get your bottom hauled to the principal’s office so fast you’ll think you were in a time warp!!『卡尔文,你要敢用弹弓射我,我就用超时空速度,拽着你的脚把你拖到校长办公室!』 Confound it. The blaster jammed.『该死!激光枪卡住了!』

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