Garfield 1979.06(C)

In: Garfield

14 Mar 2009

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Garfield: Here’s to gluttony!『瞧好了』Garfield: (GULP!)『(吞!)』Jon: Hello? Overeaters Anonymous?『喂?减肥中心吗?』

Jon: Hello, Valette? Hey, how about meeting me somewhere tonight, sweets?『喂?温莱特吗?晚上约个会怎么样?』Jon: You’ll meet me when what freezes over?『“敲冰求火”是啥意思?』Jon: (slam!) I can take a hint『(啪)我听得懂!』Garfield: Only if it’s applied with a sledgehammer『才怪,除非超水平发挥了』

Garfield: Do you know why I don’t chase birds? Well, I’ll tell you『知道我为什么不抓鸟吗?现在我来告诉你……』Garfield: My uncle Hubert once caught a 30-pound canary in Chicago『我叔叔哈伯特有一次在芝加哥抓了一只足有30磅的鸟儿』Garfield: They last spotted him over Dallas, Texas『后来人们在得克萨斯的达拉斯才找到他』

Jon: How about a snack, Garfield?『来点零食怎么样,加菲?』Jon: Here’s some liver left from dinner『是晚饭剩的猪肝儿』Garfield: Blech!『(呸)』Jon: It’s good. Really. Watch me『这东西挺好吃,真的,瞧』Jon: M-m-m-m, nummy, nummy, nummy『嗯……吧嗒吧嗒』Garfield: Oh, very well『哦,好吧』Jon: A MOUSE! GET IT!『是老鼠!快抓住它!』Jon: Garfield, why can’t you chase mice like other cats?『加菲,你怎么就不能跟别的猫一样去抓老鼠呢?』Garfield: If Jon eats one first, I’ll consider it『要是姜先吃一只,我或许可以考虑』

Jon: I’m going to take you to the vet for a checkup, Garfield『加菲,该带你去兽医那体检了』Garfield: OH-NO!『噢不~』Garfield: My uncle Barney went to the vet once『有一次伯纳叔叔去看兽医』Garfield: He cam back as my aunt Bernice『回来的时候就变成了伯纳阿姨』

Woman: The doctor will see your cat in a moment『大夫过一会儿看你的猫』Liz: Who’s next, please?『下一位?』Jon: I think I just died and wen to heaven『刚才感觉真是欲仙欲死啊』Garfield: I think I just died『我可真的要死了』

Jon: By the way there, doc, what’s your name?『顺便问一下,大夫,你叫什么?』Liz: Liz『丽兹』Jon: Gee, what a pretty name. Is that sort for Elizabeth『真好听,是伊丽莎白的缩写吧?』Liz: No. It’s short for lizard『不,是“蜥蜴”的缩写』Garfield: Liz must not be much for small talk『看来丽兹不怎么喜欢闲扯』

Jon: I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each of other, doc. Garfield gets sick a lot. Don’t you, Garfield?『我想我们会经常见面的,加菲总得病,是吧,加菲?』Jon: Don’t you, Garfield?『是吧,加菲?』Garfield: (kachew, kachew)『(咳~咳)』

Liz: Well, Mr Arbuckle, your Cat’s basically in good health『好了,姜先生,你的猫基本没什么问题』Liz: But you’ll have to take better care of him『不过你可得对它好点儿』Garfield: Listen to the doctor, Jon『听大夫的,姜』Liz: He’s too fat『它太肥了』Garfield: Close your ears, boy! The woman’s some kind of a quack!『快把耳朵堵上,这是个女骗子!』

Jon: Tell me, Liz, haven’t we met somewhere before? A rice paddy in Hong Kong?『我们以前一定在哪见过,丽兹,是在香港的稻田里吗?』Liz: Look, jerk. I’ll be the vet for your cat, but I won’t play fall guy for your stupid lines. Understood?『听着蠢蛋!我是给你的猫看病的大夫,不是看你犯病的,明白吗?』Jon: So long, doctor『再见,大夫』Liz: Have a nice day『再见』

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