Garfield 1979.07(A)

In: Garfield

21 Mar 2009

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Odie: (BARK!)『(汪!)』Garfield: (pow! pon!)『(砰!砰!)』Garfield: (crack!)『”啪嚓”』Odie: (crash!)『(啪!)』Odie: (grrrr)『(咝咝)』Jon: They don’t tell you about these things in the pet magazines『宠物杂志上可没这么说』

Jon: You’re too fat, Garfield『你太胖了,加菲』Jon: Why, I’ll bet you haven’t seen your feet in years『我打赌你有好几年没见到自己的脚了』Garfield: I have feet?『我长脚了?』

Garfield: (crunch)『(喀嚓!)』Jon: I think it’s time I put you on another diet, Garfield『你可真该减肥了,加菲』Garfield: What ever gave him that idea?『他的想法可真怪』

Jon: I’m starting your diet, Garfield『开始减肥啦,加菲』Jon: How would you like this head of cabbage prepared?『这颗卷心菜想怎么吃?』Garfield: Deep-fry that sucker『油炸吧』Jon: Boiled it is『煮着吃吧』Garfield: What we have here is a failure to communicate『沟通真难』

Garfield: Hmmm, diet candy『嗯,低糖甜点』Garfield: Not bad『还不赖』Garfield: A couple more boxes of those things and I’ll be skinnier than a rail『这东西再多吃几盒我可要瘦成麻杆了』

Garfield: This diet I’m on has sure made me week『最近的节食让我身体虚弱』Garfield: (punt!)『(嘭!)』Garfield: Drat, he usually clears the piano『该死!平时都能踢到钢琴那儿的』

Garfield: I wonder what I’d look like skinny?『不知道我变瘦了是啥样』Jon: GARFIELD! YOUR DIET!『加菲!别忘了你正减肥呢!』Garfield: My vanity『形象最重要!』

Garfield: FOOD!『好吃的!』Garfield: What’s this?『这是啥?』Garfield: It appears to be of the crescent roll family『好像是某种肉卷』Garfield: A true gourmet never shies away from a new taste treat『真正的美食家不好会错过任何尝鲜的机会』Garfield: (smack) A bit dry, but palatable『(吧唧吧唧)干了点,不过味道还不赖』Jon: Garfield, have you seen my sweat socks?『加菲,看见我的运动袜没?』

Garfield: Cats are the world’s greatest tree climbers『猫可是顶尖的爬树高手』Garfield: There’s only one tiny problem『除了一点……』Garfield: Cats are also the world’s worst tree climber downers『下树的时候是最菜的』

Garfield: I’ve made up my mind. The only way out of this tree is to jump. I may break every bone in my body, but here goes『我决定了,我要从树上跳下去!就算粉身碎骨,也要试一下!』Garfield: Then again…『好吧,再来……』

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