Garfield 1979.07(B)

In: Garfield

22 Mar 2009

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Jon: Catch the rope, Garfield!『抓住绳子,加菲!』Jon: Now tie it around your waist and I’ll pull you down. Ha-ha-ha!『把它系在腰上,我把你拽下来,哈-哈-哈!』Garfield: I’ll get Jon for that『或者把你拽上来……』

Jon: I’ve come to rescue you, Garfield『我来救你啦,加菲』Jon: Uh-oh『哦-哦』Garfield: Well, this is just ducky『哦,真是好极了』

Jon: There’s only one way out of this tree, Garfield『现在只有一个办法了,加菲』Jon: We’ll have to jump『咱们一起跳下去』Garfield: Gee, I’d love to but I simply haven’t a thing to wear to our funeral『我也觉得,就是不知道在咱们葬礼上我该穿啥』

Jon: Either we jump, or we’ll starve up here, Garfield『要么跳下去,要么在这儿饿死』Garfield:I’m with you『我跟着你』Jon: GERONIMO!!『跳!』

Garfield: Ahem… Me, me, meee『啊-喵-喵喵喵』Garfield: MEYOWRRR『喵~~~』Garfield: (bonk)『(砰)』Garfield: I wonder if this is how Enrico Caruso got his start『不知道这个恩里克是不是才开始』Garfield: MEYOWRRRR『喵~~~』Garfield: (clobber!)『(砰!)』Garfield: (clink, clink, clank)『(卡塔卡塔卡塔)』Garfield: MEYOWRR (bink)『喵~(嘭!)』

Garfield: (zoom!)『(嗖!)』Garfield: Why, oh why, oh, why, oh why, do cats do these things?『见鬼!见鬼!见鬼!猫干嘛总这样?』

Garfield: I’m getting out of this tree if it kills me『硬着头皮跳吧』Garfield: (POOMP!)『(噗!)』Garfield: Gee, that didn’t hurt at all『咦,一点都不疼吔!』

Jon: What are you doing with the ice pick, Garfield?『拿碎冰锥干嘛?』Garfield: (stab, stab, stab, stab, stab)『(啪啪啪啪啪)』Garfield: The only way to eat peas『吃豌豆啊』Jon: Oh『哦』

Garfield: Well, hello there, good-looking『嗨,脸色不错』Garfield: Say, what’re you doing tonight?『晚上有空吗?』Garfield: How about coming to my place for dinner?『跟我共进晚餐怎么样?』

Garfield: Say, how about popping over to my place for a late-night snack?『要不吃宵夜也行』Garfield: Ha-ha-ha. You needn’t be afraid of little ol’ me『哈哈哈!别怕啊』Garfield: If you like, you can bring a friend and we’ll have dessert, too『要不把你朋友也带上,这样咱们甜点也都省了』

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