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(Calvin, pass this note to Jessica. It’s a secret note, so don’t read it. Calvin you stinkhead: I told you not to read this. Susie.)『卡尔文,把这纸条传给杰西卡』『要保密哦,不许偷看』“卡尔文你个臭坏蛋,说了不让偷看的 ——苏茜”   (That dirty Susie Derkins. She’ll be sorry if she tries to pass another note. Psst … Calvin! Pass this secret note to Jessica, okay? Teacher! Susie’s passing notes! […]

 (All right class, who would like to give his book report first? Calvin, how about you? Calvin? Calvin? Spaceman Spiff cooly draws his death ray blaster …)『好,谁来大家讲讲自己的读书报告?』『卡尔文,你先来?』『卡尔文?』『卡尔文?』『宇航员斯皮夫冷静地掏出死亡射线枪……』   (2 + 7 = I cannot answer this question, as it is against my religious principles. It’s worth a shot.)『2 + 7 = ?』『这道题我答不了,因为它违背了我的信条』『不过可以试试』   (Hobbes, what […]

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